Live Feed

These live feeds provided by CFSRES update in under 1 second of the pager message being sent. Making it the FASTEST paging scanner in SA.

You can search for keywords or brigades using the search box in the Navigation Bar.

You can also click on the brigade name (the CFS - Morphett Vale Response text) and it will show all the pager messages sent to that pager address.

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Response Maps

A great of CFSRES is Response Maps! The CFSRES Response Maps will show you the approximate location of the incident using the UBD / CFS Mapbook map reference (label will show Map Ref), where the responding appliance's home station is (doesn't include change of quarters), and the exact address from Google (if available). This idea was an original from CFSRES, with no other paging site providing this infomation!

To access these Response Maps on the pager feed, you need to click the Map link under the pager message. On the Advanced feed you need to click the Map Reference on the right of the screen. On the mobile feed, you just need to tap the message.
On the Advanced feed, you will see this - [] - with a number (eg [3])- this refers to the number of map points we have plotted for this incident.

Push Messaging

CFSRES also provides push messaging using the Pushover App.
You can receive any pager message straight to your phone within a couple of seconds!

You also will receive a turnout style message, which includes a link to the CFSRES Response Maps, and the local weather link.

For more information on Push Messaging, click here.

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Advanced Feed

This is a new way to read pager messages. The layout is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and the colours are the same as you're used to (SAAS = Green, MFS = Red, CFS = Yellow, SES = Orange). The incident number and alarm levels on the left are easy to read, and as the alarm level increases it stands out more.

There is the Map Reference on the right, and when clicked it will take you to the Response Maps. (Remember - doesn't take into account COQ).
The SAAS Dispatch Number / Incident link is on the right of the screen, and the centre of the screen shows the job type.

Search Pager Messages

You can now search for keywords in pager messages!

At the top of the page you will see a search box (in the navigation bar). You can search for keywords using this box, or you can click the cog icon to open up the advanced search!
The advanced search allows you to drill down for things like Incident Type, Date, Brigade, and SO MUCH MORE!.

NB: It will only search as far back as the feed goes...